Our story


On a typical chilling January day when Medha M, a newly migrated student to Minnesota, wanted to buy a couch from thrift stores for her new apartment, it became a crazy struggle for her! She had to wander all the 11 thrift stores of her town, make list of all the couches along with their prices and then only was able to make a satisfactory buying decision. Why online thrift shopping is limited to a small number of stylish clothes and tiny accessories only? Why can't we bring furniture, electronics, home decorations etc. online too? This experience led her to a simple and yet revolutionary idea of ThriftConnect. A localized marketplace exclusively made for consignment stores! An online platform where we can check out all the amazing donations stored in our all nearby thrift stores, compare the features and prices, and make smarter buying decisions. It saves time, money and energy of thrift shoppers.

After talking to many thrift stores employees, Medha realized that thrift stores do want to come online but were reluctant due to high prices for software development and maintenance. So ThriftConnect is created with the mission of providing an inexpensive online platform to thrift stores. These non-profit organizations sell pre-owned products in lower rates to financially weaker class, save millions of tons of products to go to landfills and do incredible philanthropic work for unprivileged class of the society. They do deserve a chance to come online with minimum expense and improve their sales turnover, bring more customer to their thrift stores and reduce proportion of unsold items. ThriftConnect is a location based classified website, not an eCommerce site. So no shipping and return issues are involved here. It does not charge on per click base nor takes any commission on any item sold. It is a FREE platform and paid membership/advertisement is completely optional.

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We are currently actively working on developing the ThriftConnect marketplace. Our draft website is ready and with just a couple of improvements it will be fully functional and ready to use by thrift store and thrift shoppers in the end of October. Meanwhile,

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