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where can I check out all these stuff stored in my nearby thrift stores ONLINE?

More About Us

You got a really awesome sofa donated in your thrift store but how to let people in your town know about it? Well, ThriftConnect is the answer! ThriftConnect is a unique marketplace exclusively made for thrift stores/consignment stores to upload their important donations online and reach out to their local communities.

Are you a thrift shopping lover? We have a good new for you then! ThriftConnect is the first ever platform where you can check all the important inventories stored in your nearby thrift stores ONLINE!

Why ThriftConnect


The only localized marketplace for thrift stores.


Easiest and fastest way to reach out to local communities.


Reduce wastage and disposal costs of unsold items.


Helps to decide competitive pricing and marketing strategies.


Faster inventory turnover rate.


Inexpensive and cost efficient.


Provide Conveniency to buyers.


Improve footsteps to the thrift store.

Categories we cover



Couches, sofa, bedding, tables, chairs, cupboards, stools etc.

Bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, garden furniture, living room furniture.



Lamps, fans, televisions, computers, cellphones, washer-driers, microwaves, heavy equipments



Jewelry, purses, bags, makeup, perfumes, watches, fashionable shoes.

Got Michael kors bag donated in our thrift store? Showcase it on ThriftConnect and be popular in your local community instantly!


Home Decoration

Paintings, wall art, flower pots, beautiful idols, photo-frames, garden decoration stuff.



Textbooks, history books, thriller books, suspense books, romantic books, religious books,spiritual books, novels, kids books.



We have tons of websites available for pre-owned clothes' shopping! Agreed. But why not use that pretty blazer or branded jeans as your marketing tool and let the people know what kind of cool clothes you generally carry in your thrift store?


Antiques and collectibles

You might be thinking of discarding that old watch or faded painting lying in your thrift store unsold like forever.

But someone in your neighborhood knows its real value and ready to pay you anything for it! For God's sake just let your town know what you have stored!!


Kids stuff

Toys, cribs, car seats, kids books, learning materials, craft items, games, kids bedding, kids furniture.

Let parents in your neighborhood know that they can still provide their kids a better life and facilities in midst of any financial crises.

Our Pricing

Are you sweating in that air-conditioned room thinking about paying thousands of bucks to designer, developer, web-hosting company and maintenance guy to have an online presence of your thrift store? Well..stay calm and read below! :)

Membership type: Basic Membership: FREE

Post Unlimited standard listings. 15 standard advertisements/postings at a time.

Register yourself and start uploading your awesome donations instantly for FREE! No credit cards, No commitments!

Membership type: Elite membership $14.99/month*

Post Unlimited listings. 200 standard listings/advertisements at a time.

*Charges $179.88 for 12 months/360 days. Request for demo and get 25% off on your yearly elite membership when we launch!

Listing type: Standard listings FREE

Basic members can post up to 15 and elite members can post up to 200 standard listings at a time*.

*"at a time" means in order to post 16th or 201st post, you need to remove one previous post.

Listing type: Premium listings 1$/day

Premium listings are paid/sponsored listings/advertisements.

Premium listings appear first on any page, before standard listings start. They will appear in more attractive way with bigger icons to grab shoppers' attention!